Does your business or organization plan any special events for the coming year? If so, please let your Wharton Chamber of Commerce know! For many years, we have served as a clearing house for events open to the public, a way for businesses and organizations to check for conflicting events when setting dates for their own events.

Events range from fundraisers, concerts, plays, and all kinds of special occasions for the community, its businesses and organizations.

Then, once you set a date, we will put it on our well-publicized calendar of events here at

If you are having an event, and don’t let us know, then we can’t know to list it on

One unintentional error happens when someone checks with us to see if a date is “open.” Once determined that the date is available, they will set that date for their event, but forget to let us know. So it does not get listed, then someone else comes along and thinks that date is “open” too. Then you have two events on the same day, and neither would have done that had they known.

And when you set a date, also remember to let us know of details we can add to it the closer you get to an event.