Garage Sales: a personality test

The Wharton Citywide Garage Sale is this Friday and Saturday, May 31 and June 1. We have 55 of them for you.

Whether you do garage sales or not, it sure can be fun to watch. We found a delightful summary of types of people who do garage sales from Here are a few gems:

The Negotiator: The Negotiator has a single goal: to break the will of the yard sale host. The host says $1; the Negotiator says 60 cents — and means it. Final offer.

The Latecomer: The Latecomer shows up just as the host is done shutting down. The latecomer then asks: Got anything on special? 

The Garage Sale Pro: The Professional is in and out of your yard sale in three minute, whether he or she buys something or not. 

The Barterer: As puts it: ”Three Hot Wheels and a blender for that mangled copy of Gone With the Wind? Why not!”

We don’t know if any of these types are true (but they probably are), but we sure can visualize it. Happy shopping!

A footnote on a previous blog on the phrase, “no problem:” Siri replied “no problem” when she was thanked for doing something. Oh, well.