Give, receive — It’s good for business

Helping other businesses will help your own business.   Trade with other businesses than trade with you. And trade with businesses that you think should trade with you.   Give a great review on line when you shop in a local store or dine in a local restaurant and have...

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We need more bars

Drainage, roads, and utilities are essential if your community wants to grow or influence how it will grow. However, it seems, that one other thing needs to be included: wireless connectivity. That’s your mobile phone, plus if you wirelessly stream, surf or access or...

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A Trip to Wharton

We might have made history. Our last tour group came farther than any we can remember, all the way from McAllen, Texas. It was a bus of 14 people from Chuck Olson Tours and Cruises, which likes to plow the sites along the U.S. 59 corridor for their customers.  Kim...

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