Shop Small!

Constant Contact, the group email service, put out an excellent guide why you should shop where you live. It’s about doing a good thing for the right reasons and enjoy doing it! Here we go:

1. People love supporting people
As a customer, it feels great to know that you are helping real people, people you may know personally.

2. The personal experience
As a business owner, customers love when you are able to tailor their experience. You have the ability to make each and every customer feel special when they do business with you.

3. Quality
The passion for your business means that you can strive for higher quality products.

4. Job creation
Small businesses create two out of every three new jobs in the U.S. and employ over half of people in the workforce.

5. Community support
As a small business, you typically go to other local businesses to buy materials and services to support your own business. You’re building relationships that help your community prosper.

Shop Small, Wharton!