Yes, thank you

This is the blog of the big “thank you.”

As we get things done around here, it can’t get done without an army of volunteers.

Do I say thank you enough? No. So, here is a partial list of the volunteers who should be thanked very often.

John and Jane Bard. Jane was the first chair of the wine festival. John and Jane  conceived and have lead the Citywide Garage Sale every year since inception, for more than a decade. Thank you.

Michael Limas. He is our chamber board chair. He also chaired the 100th anniversary banquet. He leads. He leads with enthusiasm and smarts. Thank you.

Amy Morales. She conceived and executed the Texas Salsa Showdown and many other chamber events. She gives her all. She helps the chamber in so many ways. Her work on the wine festival a couple years ago clearly opened a window into what is possible. Thank you.

Abby King. She is a past board chair who continues to chair our annual golf tournament. Organized is her middle name. She is someone you can count on. It’s hard work to keep up with her hard work. Thank you.

Linda King. She has been involved in the chamber for years, and chaired the wine festival for many years. She gets it done. She’s made of tough material. You can count on her. Thank you.

Danny Moses. Danny, we have not forgotten you. Danny conceived and executed the golf tournament for many years, before Abby took over. Thank you.

Mary Lee Ondrias. Do you know whose idea was to do a wine fair in the first place? It was hers. Thank you.

Our chamber board committee chairs, Stacie Hoyt, Jacob Roberson, Kaytee Cenko and Bill Wallace. They are the future. They take their responsibility seriously. Thank you.

And the rest of the chamber board, Chad Faucett, Traci Knight, Laura Reyna, Fred Johnson, Steven Roberts, Cody Sweat, Melanie Carlson, and Jacob Hinze. Thank you.

And last but not least, a great chamber staff, Kim Peikert, Victoria Heffner, and Amanda Gonzales. Thank you.

For those of you who think or wish this blog installment is my swan song, forget it. Lesson of the day: You don’t need to be smart, you just have to learn from people who are smart. Thank you.